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 Mounts, Planes, and Trains

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Elder of the Onyxcrypt

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PostSubject: Mounts, Planes, and Trains   Sun Oct 10, 2010 7:37 am

Would like to start a Section dedicated to Mounts and the ways of achieving them. Will post what i know soon as i can but please feel free (higher lvls) to give me some info on the flyers IE. the Griffon. Thanks guys will get it posted up asap.
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Acolyte of the Onyxcrypt
Acolyte of the Onyxcrypt

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PostSubject: Re: Mounts, Planes, and Trains   Sun Oct 10, 2010 11:14 am

Basically you have 4 flying mounts. I wont go into the wingless wyrm and what not just these 4.

First is Randolph the Reindeer, very slow, but free during the winter months (Christmas basically).

Second is the Pegasus (white), which is obtained through your home city that you are getting the faction coins for your home city land mounts (or whichever city you have chosen to make your home). I believe it is 450 platinum coins total because you have to purchase your level 50 land mount first. Correct me if im wrong on this count.

Third is the Griffon, quite fast mount and easier to get. Very very long and difficult quest line to get the first one, and requires raids to finish and get the fastest one. The quests to upgrade were broken at one point, believed to be fixed now.

Fourth and last is the Wyvern. very fast and very rare with a super short questline. The reason that makes this the hardest to get, and the griffon easier by comparison, is that you have to take down 2 of the hardest bosses in the game. Kotasoth (APW Dragon) and Dresla (Forgotten Peninsula Dragon).

Other than this you have a slow flying drake thing that if i remember right is from either upgrading the black wingless wyrm or KDQ crates. There is the pink one (spew) from a Fan Faire event a few years ago. Then there is the 2 pegasus mounts from POTA. The Black Flame one and the White Rainbow one, which is dependent upon which side (Order or Chaos) you complete.

and that is all the flyers that i know of.
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Mounts, Planes, and Trains
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