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 Clickes Clickies and More Clickies!!

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PostSubject: Clickes Clickies and More Clickies!!   Sun Oct 10, 2010 7:34 am

..Well i don't know about anyone else but i seem to be addicted to clickies....doesn't matter what they do lol! So i would like to start a Section Dedicated to sharing clickies Quests info and help for those who do no have them and want them. ( As well a learning about the ones i don't have and must get!) Please feel free to give me things to add to this Forum and my Clicky collections in game !!

Just a Few low Level Random ones for now until i can post all the ones i know so far.

Panther Illusion Mask

Starting Continent: Qalia
Difficulty Rating: Solo
Starting Quest NPC: Imirial the Seducer
Starting Required Level: 24
Nearest Riftway: Ahgram

Description: A Clickable mask that adds 20% to movement speed and 5% to attack speed for 1 hour. It also has a Panther illusion to go with the boosts.This quest begins With Imirial the Seducer just outside the sirens cave, But only once your faction reaches 12K with the Vizarian Sirens. To achieve this 12K faction Simply kill all the Shidreth miners and named in the cave till you hit 12K. (took me 4 rounds to clear the cave and i had 12K, doesn't take long)

Journey Boots

Starting Continent: Thestra
Difficulty Rating: Range from Solo to Group
Starting Quest NPC: Hastey Bootstrut
Starting Required Level: 25
Nearest Riftway: Kaon's Rush

Description: A Clickable set of Boots that give you instant 25% movement speed, Does not stack with other movement effects however. This is a Forward to a Walkthrough of this quest.

More to come !
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Clickes Clickies and More Clickies!!
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