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Elder of the Onyxcrypt
Elder of the Onyxcrypt

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PostSubject: Mineralogist   Fri Oct 08, 2010 4:14 pm

Okay so i really still am unclear on a ton of things. But i thought i would start up a topic for my own profession.

So I know about the quests at lvl 21 to learn housing. And I have learned about affinity to thestra, qalia, and kojan style.


Where are some good places to head to get up in crafting levels in general.

I have been doing work orders in Martok but it seems like there is no real quest chain for crafting I have found to quickly breeze through levels.

Is this supposed to be an endless grind of crafting sitting at the tables drooling on myself, or is there a faster way and I am just missing it lol.

Also, does anyone have a website that actually shows what you can make as far as the end item?

I have tried to find something about the jewelry I should be able to make but it always just lists the ingredients or recipe and never the final product to see what the hell yah just made Smile
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Elder of the Onyxcrypt
Elder of the Onyxcrypt

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PostSubject: Re: Mineralogist   Sat Oct 09, 2010 8:44 am

Have you been doing the Aritsan's Saga questline? When im no doing the quests for continent recipes or boats that what i do for gear and Levels. It starts with the Banisher's in NT at lvl 11 then head to ahgram then Kojan ect ect . Gah ill just post the run through when i can Very Happy

P.s. When i do weapons only way i have figured out whats what, was to make a bunch of everything till i understood what add to the recipe did what. I'm sure there is a better way, but until then ill prob keep randomly making stuff to figure it all out. I made some killer weapons (2nd tier) and can't wait to see what changes or what can be added in the next tier...its kinda like a fun lil suprise to me to figure it all out lol.
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