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 ...the zones and questlines you could try bugging Vikingzerker for! or die trying!

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PostSubject: ...the zones and questlines you could try bugging Vikingzerker for! or die trying!   Sun Sep 12, 2010 11:54 am

These are the zones and questlines I have been going thru a few times. So hit me up if you got questions or need assistance. I am glad to help out WHEN I got time for it.

---> Riftseekers Torrent [Thestra]
+ very cool noob dungeon for lvl 7 to 13ish characters, good xp and drops!

---> Khegor`s End [Thestra]
+ big dungeon for lvl 14 - 20ish characters. Good drops. Very much quests and very good xp.

---> Camp Skawira / Skrillen Point [Qualia]
+ good gear setup for 20 to 25ish lvl chars, good quests and xp!

---> Trengal Keep [Thestra]
+ also very good quests and much xp. very huge competitive place for around 30ish lvl characters.

---> Vol Tuniel / Thelaseen [Thestra]
+ nice gear in the mid 30ish lvls for everyone (light, medium and heavy armor)

---> Plains of Anguish [Thestra]
+ much quests, very good xp for lvl 40ish characters.

---> Graystone [Thestra]
+ really good weapons as quest reward, a pain, but worth it for around 45ish lvl characters.

---> Golem grind xp spot [Thestra]
+ if you are bored of questing, come to the ridge next to New Targonor for golemns to grind xp. Good for those around lvl 45ish.

---> Swamp Armor / Deadbog [Thestra]
+ change your gear to Swamp Armor. Nice for 50ish chars. Good pre - raid stuff.

---> Mnalus Caves [Thestra]
+ nice dungeon caves with lot of mob, nice for 45ish characters. Good and useful drops. Some are important for the Swamp Armor.

---> Lucent questline / Tehatamani, Nusibe Necropolis [Qualia]
+ upgrade your lvl 50ish character with decent jewels (earrings, rings, masks, necklages, cloaks)

---> Magi Hold [Kojan]
+ good gear parts + weapons for your 50ish char. Useful item drops.

---> Kamelott / Shores of Darkness [Thestra]
+ painful area... lvl 52+ and up... good xp for the end lvls! Damn good drops, pre - raid.

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...the zones and questlines you could try bugging Vikingzerker for! or die trying!
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