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 The Onyxcrypt Policy

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PostSubject: The Onyxcrypt Policy   Wed Aug 18, 2010 5:34 am

- Please register to our forums with the name of your main character.

- Once registered you are supposed to use the character sheet which can be found in your profile settings. The Onyxcrypt will grant you ingame guild ranks in our forums.

- Avatars and signatures, screenshots and photos are allowed, just take care of the sizes.

- Welcome to The Onyxcrypt by joining the guild with the "Apprentice to the Crypt" rank. By registering you tell us that you really are interested in The Onyxcrypt. Registering will be important for your rank ups and it completes your actual join date to the guild.

- For the "Initiate to the Onyx" rank you have been staying in the guild for approximately a week and being active as an Apprentice. You also have read The Onyxcrypt Policy and you accepted it in every point and meaning by signing in the proper thread in - The Buzz - section in our forums. The policy can be found at the - What is the Onyxcrypt? - section.

- The full membership rank is the "Acolyte of the Onyxcrypt" rank. You get full membership when becoming an Initiate at least, being active for a certain while and taking your alts with your main to the guild.

- The "Reaper of the Onyxcrypt" rank is considered as a raid squad rank. Being "Acolyte of the Onyxcrypt" is one of the requirements such as your very interest in raiding and activity to the guild.

- "Elder of the Onyxcrypt" is the rank where you are set as the Elder of your class within the raid squad due to the raid squad policy. The requirements for this rank are the join date to the guild and your very interest and activity or if the current Elder is geared up, another Reaper in the class becomes an Elder.

- Raid attendants post their personal wishlist in the - Raid Squad - section and are supposed to update their threads prior to their wishes and desires. That way you help out the whole guild to have a clear overview of who needs what, who got what and who still is needing what.

- The Onyxcrypt will never have more than one leader. Multiple leaders in a guild sooner or later will only insure the structure of the guild in hard times. We prefer to be permanently stabile.

- The Onyxcrypt members are telling their friends about the guild and are trying to find new friends to the guild, however, the final interview will be held by the leader. Like it or not, but it is as a matter of fact that some players would run to their recruiting officer to report their thoughts instead of talking and facing their problem or desire directly to their leader. That avoids drama.

- The Onyxcrypt will not go for raid alliances. We like to listen to raid strategy hints, tips and tricks. We can be asked to help other guilds out in raids and get help from other guilds but we are The Onyxcrypt not going for alliances which can break the whole guild apart. That avoids much drama.

- The Onyxcrypt members will not talk about important guild related stuff in Ventrilo but will post ideas and desires in the forums instead. Please give every member a chance to not miss important stuff and not feel left behind when they obviously cant listen to you cause they are offline. However, your post in the forums is accessible to everyone at any time so everyone can take part in the discussion. Another point where we avoid a lot of drama.

- VERY important: If you have any issues or desires please go directly to the leader and please open your mind and heart and speak it all out with just the leader. The leader is your right person to listen to your desires and issues because he definitely will take actions if he gets the input!

- ...and the most important is to have FUN!

~ Primordial Mother of The Onyxcrypt

Do you have any questions?

Please feel free to contact the Admin via PM!

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The Onyxcrypt Policy
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