The Onyxcrypt

...anywhere in Telon. Among yourselves.
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 What is the Onyxcrypt?

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PostSubject: What is the Onyxcrypt?   Wed Aug 18, 2010 4:52 am

We welcome you to The Onyxcrypt!

We are sure that we can offer a guild without drama and pressure, because the incomplex structure of the guild accomodates beginner and advanced players and we do respect real life of each of our members. It is only you who decides about how long you can play and we are happy to see you coming back if you have been away for a long time. We do not have requirements on your play time. We are convinced that as a matter of fact it is not really important to be a huge guild by the number of members but it is important for us who we are dealing with and who we are having in the guild to create an environment of friendship and fun!

Beginners or veterans, raiders or just curious explorers, you are warmly welcome to the guild!

The Onyxcrypt is a friendly, mature and casual guild where having fun alltogether is the most important for us, and we really mean that. The guild is US-EU based, although most of our members are US. Join The Onyxcrypt with your alts and your main character, we are alt friendly! We are definitely looking for teamplayers and helpful guildmembers. We love to get something going on in the guild, to group up with our guildmembers and we are using Ventrilo. A unique raid policy rules The Onyxcrypt raids where needing before greeding items on personal wishlists is the way to go while we also keep an eye on join date and activity in the guild. Crafting and Diplomacy also are gaming spheres which most of our guildmembers are practising very often. The guild hall still is in a progress of construction. You could ask for any hint or help and our members are more than happy to assist you, however, dont ask what the guild can do for you but what you can do for the guild.

You also will notice that most of our proud members are truly skilled players with a long history in the world of mmorpg`s.

Our members love to meet new people and invite them to join our family with open arms.

We are hoping that you will enjoy your stay with us!

The Onyxcrypt ...anywhere in Telon. Among yourselves.

~ Primordial Mother of The Onyxcrypt

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What is the Onyxcrypt?
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