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 Serious Adromeda

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Elder of the Onyxcrypt
Elder of the Onyxcrypt

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PostSubject: Serious Adromeda   Mon Sep 06, 2010 10:42 am


I look forward to dominating the world of Telon with everyone. A little about myself....

First off, I am completely new to Vanguard, I played it in its beta, but was so appalled by the glitches and bugs I switched right on over to WoW. Before Wow I have a long history with Everquest, playing that since beta. I was a little halfling known as Validitor Adromeda a rogue of special and unique talents. I prided myself on having so many gadgets and stuff that I could buff better than most classes lol. After Everquest I joined the Army and have been deployed 2 times, one to Iraq and one to Afghanistan. I just got home this year and am currently in school to become a Game Software Developer. Now that I have some free time, I want to enjoy another MMO.
I am married with a 5 year old son and a baby girl due in November. Between them and school I try to sneak in some game time but it is very busy as you can imagine.

As far as my character, (Serious Adromeda) do not be fooled by the female looks, I am really a guy IRL. I just find that it is so nice to be able to look at something pretty rather than a brute lol.

So once again, thank you for having me and hopefully we can do something together in this game that will bring some folks together.

-Serious Adromeda
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Ancient of the Onyxcrypt
Ancient of the Onyxcrypt

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PostSubject: Re: Serious Adromeda   Tue Sep 07, 2010 4:28 am

Hi Serious, nice to meet you!

oh yes I can remember the glitches, bugs and lags and crashes and what not when VG came out. Sure, it was annoying but it still was a playable game. Nice to hear that you are going to become a software developer! Pretty excited aim there!
..and dont be worried, we are happy to see you online when you can come online, no pressure, real life first!

...wait, whats real life?! Very Happy
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Serious Adromeda
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