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 Divero, The Dark One

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Acolyte of the Onyxcrypt
Acolyte of the Onyxcrypt

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PostSubject: Divero, The Dark One   Sat Sep 04, 2010 10:18 am

A bit about my gaming and me.

I started with MMOs back in 2001 with Runescape (yes, i know...) and a friend in school told me about EverQuest. I built up my comp so I could play it and started in Feb 2002. I played all through everything, and joined up with a (now infamous) raid guild called The Cursed Brotherhood. Despite some of their later tactics, they taught me alot on raiding and working with the classes you have. I eventually got burned out and started playing EQ2 in 2007 after i moved back to Florida from Michigan. My main character there was Divero, and he was the first one i made. I am a Necro, through and through, in the gaming world.

I had tried to beta-test VG, but after being accepted, I couldnt download due to my ISP's limits on time (they turned you off after 6 hours, and it was dialup). Eventually, I got my machine built up so i could play Vanguard at the end of 2007. I have one toon of every class, and every crafter specialization too. Most of my crafting is around level 10-11, but Lenthal is my Mino at 26, and Divero is at 30 as my LeatherWorker. I love crafting, always have. It is one of the main things i love about this game. in EQ1 it was soo much of a hassle making things, but alot of fun figuring them out.

Earlier this year, after leaving the raid guild I had been in (M.E.R.C.S.) , I took some time away from VG. I was burned out from the grind of trying to reach 55 (45 to 51 in 2 months was alot for me). I went and played SWG for awhile, and I really enjoyed it, but it wasnt the same.

So now i'm back, rebuilding my house after the merge, and my characters since my time away. I work 40 hours a week, late afternoons, at the Country Club i work for, plus 2 or 3 nights a week as the Roadie and Security for a local band, Panic Disorder ( I'm used to raiding 3-4 nights a week, but looking for a little less hardcore and little more casual these days.

if any other questions, feel free to ask! =)
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Ancient of the Onyxcrypt
Ancient of the Onyxcrypt

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PostSubject: Re: Divero, The Dark One   Sat Sep 04, 2010 10:57 am

You are warmly welcome Divero!!!

Another one who started in 2001 with mmoprgs, like me Wink Back in the old good days it was Ultima Online in what I got hooked into mmoprgs. I am still missing that game, it was really full of content and you never got bored there. I also played Eq2 among other mmorpgs, still having account there. However I gotta admit that most fun ever and with a social aspect (lot of befriending, grouping, talking, having fun, repairing stuff for others) and another aspect of content etc. I had most fun in Anarchy Online. Damn that game was so unique in its own way.
But hey, I like Vanguard pretty much Wink
hehe nice, panic disorder, I am a musician myself, drummer and giving drum lesseons atm. Not in any band right now but that will change really soon, because I got bored again playing solo and def. will be looking for the fun hah!

so hey I hope you enjoy your stay with us and nice keepin us up with info, that way we know better about each of us within the guild Wink *thumbs up*
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Divero, The Dark One
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