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 Best raid and loot sharing system for us?

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Ancient of the Onyxcrypt
Ancient of the Onyxcrypt

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PostSubject: Best raid and loot sharing system for us?   Wed Aug 18, 2010 10:18 am

Here are some thoughts how we could get it going on without any trouble

well.. .in theory.. it would work.. I know it... so practically... lets see...

I am trying to face facts. I think it is a fact that when you got a guild out of 1000 members and 100 want to raid and everyone want the loot at the same time then theres chaos.
In most cases people get pissed cause they attend in raids many times in a row and dont get items they need. I think this is a known and experienced standard situation in raiding for most of the gamers.

How can we get out of this?

Our raid squad shouldnt be a huge but a very efficient one. We shouldnt get like 100 people to raid and catfighting for loot, but we should let give those the opportunity who are shouting out FIRST what they want in raids, what they need to actually "fight for the needs" in the raids.
Therefore we need a little bureaucracy on the forums to get a clear order of who gets what.

Its really simple: (I think that way..)

People who are interested in raiding and who need items, should simply post in the raid threads what they need or want. If they post it and they dont log in for the raid, they dont get the stuff and the ones who posted after the other guy gets his spot to attend in the raid. If the first poster is done with his wishlist and gets the items, he will post something like "yay done" post and the next person after him is the next one who will get all the loot. honestly I think thats best we can do

I think that would be justified when people claim their wish on the forum and actually GET it, when gotten, its another players turn to "fight for the need" I call it so.


those who shouted out lout first that they need something and are attending, get the loot.
those who shouted out loud first that they need something but arent attending, wont get the loot.
and those who finally got the loot make room for the next person after him / her.
and I am sure that theres some people who simply want to attend and help out without loot wish.

but this works welll when we have a small raid squad , like 3-4 people of each class and when we are honest and let others loot too, loot after loot, and once someone completely is done with raid items makes room for another member in the need of raid items.

Just an example:

lets say we got... 3 clerics, 2 warriors, 4 sorcerers, 3 disciples etc... in the raid squad, so 2-4 people each class in the squad and just people who are really willing to attend.

so the people post what they need in the forums
that way we cant oversee what their wishes are, what they really want.
and that way you cant oversee the order who gets what after who
thats gonna be a real "I need this and I fight for this"

so lets say theres a sorcerer ever posted in the forum first that he need the xyz item. Another sorcerer after him posted that he wouldnt mind getting xyz item but he also need uvw item. the 3rd sorcerer posting said that he does not need the xyz item but the uvw. The 4th did not post, just want to attend.

Now while the raid the xyz item dropped. However the 1st sorc. is not there, the xyz item goes to 2nd sorcerer. Next the uvw item dropped, goes to the 2nd sorcerer.

Next raid day, 1st sorcerer is attending, xyz item drops and goes to 1st sorcerer, (now 1st and 2nd scorcerer got their needed items) the xyz item drops again, the 3rd does not need it and the 4th can have it. And when the uvw drops it goes to the 4th.

DAMN I know I know its going to be a little bureaucracy in the forums for the raid items but I am determined that
a) keep a small but efficient raid squad up
b) post on the furms what you need

will do this. Heck, for common and by classes needed raid items we could screenshot that item, put that to the forum and yell out for people who need and make an order from 1 to 4 ppl for that item.

...and I am sure those who already looted the nice stuff in the raids are willing to help us out later on

just my cents

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Acolyte of the Onyxcrypt
Acolyte of the Onyxcrypt

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PostSubject: Re: Best raid and loot sharing system for us?   Sat Sep 04, 2010 10:34 am

while that all good, i think there should also be a limit to how many items a person should get at once. Like 1 item per Named NPC Kill. This way, one person doesn't win ALL the loot in one night.

Say we have that same raid force. We go into APW and down 4-6 Nameds. Sorc2 Wins Xyz on the 2nd named, Sorc2-4 get nothing. But on the 4th named, 2 different items drop that Sorc1 has on his wishlist (Uvw and Rst), that are also on Sorc2 and Sorc3's lists. Sorc1 wins Uvw, but since he won that one, Sorc2 gets Rst.

Or, depending on how many targets we hit in a night, have a limit based on that. like say 1 Item for every 2 Named NPC Kills. We go into APW, down 3 nameds, then hear Fengrot is up, so we go get him, that gives people 4 Named in a night, and 2 new items at best.

just ideas, but it helps spread the love around so one person isn't getting powered up and leaving the rest standing there naked.
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Best raid and loot sharing system for us?
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